5.5 V 4f Capacitor Super Boost


Electrical Characteristics:

Operating temperature range: -20℃~+85℃

Small size, large capacitance, small internal resistance, small leakage current, long life, stable electrical performance

Ideal for backup power and power compensation components

Advanced Equipment:

5.5 V 4f Capacitor Super Boost

Application Area :

5.5 V 4f Capacitor Super Boost

Smart meter, smart water meter, smart energy meter and other instruments

Electronic toys, TV sets, LED flash

Smart door locks, smart rice cookers, smart electric water heaters, tax control machines, etc.


Q: How is super capacitor applied in the power grid field?

A: Related standards: 1. When the backup power supply is powered by a battery, the battery capacity is ≥3Ah, and it should be ensured that the device can work normally for more than 8 hours after the AC power failure, and can drive a switch opening and closing operations 3 times each.

When a super capacitor is used as the backup power source, its capacitance should be guaranteed to ensure that the device works normally for more than 15 minutes after the AC power failure to ensure that the fault information is transmitted to the main station.


Q: How is super capacitor applied in the military industry?

A: Using graphene supercapacitors as the starting power source can overcome some of the weaknesses of start-up weakness inherent in traditional battery starting, such as insufficient torque and susceptibility to temperature changes. Graphene supercapacitors have the characteristics of fast charge and discharge, safety and stability, long cycle life, and superior low-temperature performance.


Q: Why is supercapacitor used in low temperature energy storage?

A: Energy-based products have good low-temperature performance, long life, and ultra-wide operating temperature range. Therefore, they are used as batteries in some small energy storage devices in the field, and they are mostly charged by photovoltaic panels.

Water level detection camera system, and field monitoring camera system are typical application.

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