We provide lighting capacitors designed for both series and parallel compensation of all types of lamps.

Lighting Capacitors

Even as modern LED lights no longer require a capacitor, there are still millions of HID-Lights all over the world which still do require capacitors. So Hydra delivers about 2 million Light Capacitors every year worldwide because HID-Lights are still in use.

The oil filled Hydra metalized polypropylene Lighting Capacitors are designed for long-life in the high-temperature environments of high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. For safety reasons, the oil filled Hydra Lighting Capacitors are protected with an overpressure fuse to provide a high standard of safety.

A capacitor is an electronic component used to store energy. Capacitors consist of 2 metal plates that are separated by a dielectric (non-conductive electrical insulator). Some of the most common dielectrics used are Electrolytic, Ceramic, & Film. The different plate and dielectric materials allow for a variety of capacitor types that can be specialized for specific functions and uses. Capacitors are measured in Farads as well as subdivisions of Farads such as uF(microfarad), nF (nanofarad), & pF (picofarad) and capacitors that are rated at 1 Farad or greater are typically referred to as Supercapacitors.

Capacitors are a passive electrical component with two terminals that store electromagnetic energy in the form of an electric field. Terminals are connected to two conductive plates that have a dielectric material between them. They store an electric charge on their conductive plates. The charged plates separated by the dielectric material create an electric field.

Capacitance is a parameter of a capacitor that indicates the amount of stored electric charge for a given voltage applied to its terminals. It is measured in farads (F). For example, doubling the capacitance will double stored electric charge (for a given constant voltage at terminals).

Capacitors are classified based on physical materials used for three-layer conductor-dielectric-conductor structure. For example, those with metal-dielectric-electrolyte materials are called electrolytic capacitors; metal-ceramic-metal are called ceramic capacitors, etc. Those that are non-polarized may be connected either to positive or negative voltage. If they are polarized they must be connected to a positive voltage, with the positive terminal being marked on the packaging.

How to Tell Which Capacitor You Have

If you are not sure which type of capacitor you currently have in your fixture, take a look at the case and how the capacitor connects to the ballast. Dry capacitors have insulated wires coming out of the top and a plastic case. Oil capacitors have a metal case and connect using terminals.

How Capacitors Work

Capacitors are made with two electrical conductors, called plates, which are separated by a non-conducting insulator called a dielectric. One plate builds a positive charge while the other builds a negative charge, creating energy that is stored in the dielectric. The energy is released in a strong burst when HID lighting ballasts begin to start the lamps. This helps regulate the voltage and current going to the lamps and also helps prevent flickering.

JYH HSU(JEC) ELECTRONICS LTD. originated in Taiwan: 1988 was founded in Taichung City, Taiwan, 1998 set up factories in the mainland, committed to the research and developmentproduction and sales of suppress the electromagnetic interference capacitor, with a number of new automated manufacturing equipments, laboratory equipment, and automated testing equipments.We Are Capacitor Manufacturers Provide Lighting Capacitor and New Safety Capacitors and Y1 Ceramic Capacitor, If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

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May You Ask

Are capacitors used in lighting?

In conventional tubelighs, capacitor is used in two ways. Common one is parallel connection to supply at lighting fixture. Here it just serves to improve the power factor.

What does a lighting capacitor do?

lighting Capacitor, a device that functions as a very small battery inside a circuit. ... When the voltage is lowered, the capacitor discharges its stored electricity. Capacitors are some of the most useful electronic components and are used in everything from computer memory to automotive ignition.

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