Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Price Manufacturer


Electrical Characteristics:

Product Name 

Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors




Radial, horizontal


Small size, large capacitance, epoxy encapsulated, moisture-proof, shock resistant, high temperature resistant, have high frequency temperature compensation type, and high dielectric constant type


Used for DC isolation, coupling, bypass, etc. There are other DC types.

Rated Voltage

25VDC, 50VDC, 100 VDC≥250VDC; By customer requirements

Capacitance Range(uF)

0.5pF ~ 47000 pF


-55℃ ~ +125℃


Accept, provide customized content and sample services

Production Process:

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Price Manufacturer

Application Area :

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Price Manufacturer

Certifications :

Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) factories are ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified. JEC X2, Y1, Y2 capacitors and varistors have passed these certifications:

CQC (China)

VDE (Germany)

CUL (America/Canada)

KC (South Korea)


CB (International Electrotechnical Commission)


All of our capacitors are in line with the EU ROHS directives and REACH regulations.

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Price Manufacturer

Customer Feedback :

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Price Manufacturer


Q: What's the Q value of multi-layer ceramic capacitors?

A: The Q value of the capacitor essentially represents the quality factor of the capacitor. We know that any capacitor will not be an ideal capacitor. When the capacitor passes an AC signal, there will be power loss more or less. This loss is mainly caused by the capacitor's equivalent series resistance and the insulating medium between the two poles. Usually in order to express the quality of the capacitor, it is expressed by the ratio of the loss power of the capacitor to the stored power (reactive power) of the capacitor at a certain frequency, and this ratio is the Q value of the capacitor. With that being said, you will know that the higher the Q value, the better. The quality factor mainly represents the ability to respond to high-frequency signals. Capacitors with a low Q value have poor responsiveness when used in high-frequency circuits, and even cause serious signal attenuation.

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