MLCC 10uF 106 Monolithic Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Monolithic capacitor is another name for multilayer ceramic capacitor, referred to as MLCC. It mainly includes three parts: ceramic dielectric, metal inner electrode and metal outer electrode. The multilayer chip ceramic capacitor is a multi-layer stacked structure. Simply put it consists of multiple simple parallel plate capacitors in parallel.


It has the advantages of large capacitance, small size, high reliability, stable capacitance, high temperature resistance, good insulation and low cost.

Application Area :

Widely used in various military and civilian electronic machines and electronic equipment, such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, sophisticated measuring equipment, radar communications and so on.

Certifications :

MLCC 10uF 106 Monolithic Capacitor


Storage Method

1. The insulating layer of the capacitor does not have a good sealing effect. Do not store the capacitor in corrosive gas, especially chlorine gas, sulfur gas

Avoid environments that is full of acids, alkalis, salts, etc.,  and protect the capacitors from moisture at the same time.

2. Capacitors should be placed in places where the temperature and relative humidity do not exceed -10 to 40°C and 15 to 85%, respectively. .

3. Please use the capacitor within 6 months after delivery.

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