Automotive Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor Price


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Automotive Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor Price

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Automotive Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor Price

It is widely used in various military and civilian electronic complete machines and electronic equipment, such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, sophisticated measuring equipment, radar communications, and so on.

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Automotive Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor Price


Q: What is a monolithc capacitor?

A: Monolithic capacitor is another name for multilayer ceramic capacitor, abbreviated as MLCC. It mainly includes three parts: ceramic dielectric, metal internal electrode and metal outer electrode. The multilayer chip ceramic capacitor is a multi-layer laminated structure. Simply put, it is a parallel body of multiple simple parallel plate capacitors.

Q: What is the difference between electrolytic capacitors and monolithic capacitors?

A: Both can store charges. However, the different materials used determine their application in different fields. The electrolytic capacitor is low in cost, the capacitance can be relatively large, and it has polarity at the same time, and it is commonly used. The high frequency performance of the ceramic chip is relatively good, cheap and commonly used. The monolithic capacitor has better stability. Each has its own strengths, and different processes can have specific advantages in different places. Monolithic capacitors are relatively stable, with low temperature drift coefficient, capacitance value can be 1uF, long life, low equivalent DC resistance, and slightly more expensive.

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