Activated Carbon Supercapacitor 2.7V


Electrical Characteristics:

The snap-in type super capacitor has a cylindrical single body appearance. There are common double-soldering tag and four-soldering tag lead-out methods. The corresponding lead-out method can be selected according to different applicable scenarios. The basic principle is the same as that of other types of electric double layer (EDLC) capacitors. The electric double layer structure composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolytes is used to obtain super-large capacitance. This capacitor complies with the green environmental protection certification, and the production process and the scrapping process do not cause pollution to the environment.

Advanced Equipment:

Activated Carbon Supercapacitor 2.7V

Application Area :

Activated Carbon Supercapacitor 2.7V

Energy storage system, large-scale UPS (uninterruptible power supply), electronic equipment, wind pitch, energy-saving elevators, portable power tools, etc.


What can affect the leakage current of a supercapacitor?

From the point of view of the product manufacturing itself, it is the raw materials and processes that affect the leakage current.

From the perspective of the use environment, the factors that affect the leakage current are: 

Voltage: the higher the working voltage, the greater the leakage current

Temperature: the higher the temperature in the use environment , the greater the leakage current

Capacitance: the greater the actual capacitance value, the greater the leakage current. 

Normally under the same environment conditions, when the supercapacitor is in use, the leakage current is correspondingly smaller than when it is not in use.

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