Double Layer 100f 400f Supercapacitor Stocks

Product features:

Double Layer 100f 400f Supercapacitor Stocks


Electrical Characteristics:

Low internal resistance and long life

lower RC time constant

Utilize unique technology to achieve wider operating temperature range

Customized special sizes are acceptable

Advanced Equipment:

Double Layer 100f 400f Supercapacitor Stocks

Application Area :

Double Layer 100f 400f Supercapacitor Stocks

Fast charging of solar panels (such as LED type road traffic lights, road guidance flashers, etc.) to drive motors (such as toy cars). Motor and solenoid drives instruments (such as portable PCs, electric toothbrushes), LED displays, car audio, UPS, solenoid valve, etc.


What is an EDLC capacitor?

EDLC refers to Electric Double-layer Capacitor.

Electric Double-layer Capacitor is a kind of supercapacitors and a new type of energy storage device.

The electric double layer capacitor is between the battery and the capacitor, and its great capacitance makes it a good alternative to a battery.

Compared with batteries using electrochemical principles, electric double layer capacitors have the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection in the charging and discharging process without involving material changes.

The electric double layer capacitor has a very small distance between the electric double layers, resulting in a weak withstand voltage, generally not exceeding 20V, so it is usually used as an energy storage component in low-voltage DC or low-frequency occasions.

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