Super Capacitor 2.7 V 100 F 3000 F


Electrical Characteristics:

The capacitance of the single cell mainly refers to the super capacitor with a rated voltage of 2.7V and a capacitance range of 60F-600F in the single cell.

This type of supercapacitor has the characteristics of high power discharge capacity, good high and low temperature characteristics (-40℃~+85℃), short charging time, long service life, and green environmental protection.

Advanced Equipment:

Super Capacitor 2.7 V 100 F 3000 F

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Super Capacitor 2.7 V 100 F 3000 F

Intelligent distribution network (distribution terminal equipment such as FTU/DTU/TTU/fault indicator),

Military industry, automobile emergency start, aerospace, fan control system, UPS power supply, AGV, industrial electronics and transportation energy, etc.

Certifications :

Super Capacitor 2.7 V 100 F 3000 F


What is a supercapacitor?

Supercapacitor is a special capacitor developed in recent years for energy storage. It has a super-large capacitance of the Farad level, which is hundreds of times higher than the energy density of traditional electrolytic capacitors, and the leakage current is nearly a thousand times smaller. The discharge specific power is nearly ten times higher than that of the battery. It does not require any maintenance, and has a lifespan of more than ten years. It is an ideal high-power physical secondary power supply and has been successfully used as a starting power supply for internal combustion engines; the power supply for starting, accelerating and climbing; the power supply for opening and closing operation of high-voltage switches and used in electric transmission armored vehicles and large-scale magnetizing equipment.

What should be paid attention when using super capacitors?

It is strictly forbidden to:

1)exceed the upper or lower limit of the working temperature

1)exceed the upper or lower limit of the working voltage

2)squeeze, collide, stab and disassemble the capacitor

3)discard supercapacitors at will, and the supercapacitors must be discharged to 0V before being scrapped.

Please keep away from all heat sources.

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