Axial Self Healing Polyester Film Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Axial Self Healing Polyester Film Capacitor

The metallized polyester film is used as the dielectric and the electrode, and the one-way lead is encapsulated with a flame-retardant insulating material. It has excellent electrical properties, good reliability, low loss and good self-healing performance.

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Axial Self Healing Polyester Film Capacitor

1) This product is widely used in audio amplifiers, instruments, televisions and household appliances.

2) It is used for DC pulsation, pulse and AC step-down in the circuit of the device, especially suitable for various types of energy-saving lamps and electronic rectifiers.

Certifications :

Axial Self Healing Polyester Film Capacitor


How to choose a bypass capacitor?

The size of the decoupling and bypass capacitors needs to be determined according to the noise frequency. Capacitors with different capacitance values can eliminate noise at different frequencies. In the circuit design process, each capacitor has an equivalent series inductance. When the operating frequency is higher than the resonant frequency, the capacitor is inductive, and the decoupling and bypass effects will be lost. Therefore, to increase the series resonant frequency, it is necessary to reduce the equivalent series inductance of the capacitor as much as possible. The smaller the capacitance value, the higher the resonant frequency, and the appropriate decoupling and bypass capacitors can be selected according to the application requirements. Decoupling capacitors and bypass capacitors should be selected with low series equivalent resistance as much as possible. The lower the ESR (equivalent series resistance), the easier it is to eliminate noise. The decoupling and bypass capacitors should be as close as possible to the pins of the chip. The placement and routing of the capacitors also directly affect the effect of filtering out interference.

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