MPX X2 0.22 uf 275v Metal Film Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

The X2 capacitor is encapsulated with high temperature resistant olefin shell and epoxy resin, and its flame retardant properties meet the UL-120 standard

Small size, low high frequency loss, able to withstand the impact of AC peak surge, strong overcurrent capability, small capacitance and loss attenuation, long service life

It has high resistance to external electrical interference, high reliability, good self-healing characteristics, and good safety protection.

Non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (broad frequency response), and low dielectric loss

Rigorous quality inspection standards and quality inspection processes

Product Structure Chart:

MPX X2 0.22 uf 275v Metal Film Capacitor

Production Process:

MPX X2 0.22 uf 275v Metal Film Capacitor

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

MPX X2 0.22 uf 275v Metal Film Capacitor

X2 metallized film capacitors are suitable for electronic instruments and electronic equipment powered by grid power. Gauge capacitors are wholesale used to suppress power electromagnetic interference. It is suitable for power jumper lines and anti-interference occasions.

Certifications :

MPX X2 0.22 uf 275v Metal Film Capacitor


Why is the capacitance of the Y capacitor generally smaller than that of the X capacitor?

The capacitance of the Y capacitor must be limited, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the size of the leakage current flowing through it under the action of the rated frequency and rated voltage and the impact on the EMC performance of the system. GJB151 stipulates that the capacitance of the Y capacitor should not be greater than 0.1uF. In addition to complying with the corresponding power grid voltage withstand voltage, the Y capacitor also requires a sufficient safety margin in terms of electrical and mechanical properties to avoid breakdown short-circuit phenomenon under extremely harsh environmental conditions. Protecting personal safety is of great significance.

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