X2 4700pf 250V Film Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Standard series X2 type products, certified by many countries

The capacitance can be up to 10uF, using polymer polypropylene film dielectric, thickened metallized electrodes, automatic spray welding process, 94V0 flame retardant PBT plastic case, epoxy resin sealing, high withstand voltage, strong transient pulse voltage withstand capability. 

Product Structure Chart:

X2 4700pf 250V Film Capacitor

Application Area :

X2 4700pf 250V Film Capacitor

Widely used in power supply parallel jumper circuit, suppress electromagnetic interference.

Certifications :


Q: What is the unit of the capacitance of capacitor? How to convert each unit?

Answer: The unit of capacitance is F (farad). The conversion formula of F (Farad) is: 1F (Farad)=100,000μF (microfarad) 1μF (microfarad)=100,000pF (picofarad) 

The amount of F is very large, and μF and pF are generally used as the units of capacitance.

Q: What certifications do capacitors have?

A: The certifications of capacitors are: CQC, UL, VDE, TUV, ENEC, KC, CUL. Among them, CQC is Chinese certification; UL is American certification; VDE is European certification; TUV is German certification; ENEC is European certification; KC is Korean certification; CUL is Canadian certification.

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