NTC 5K 100K Thermistor Resistor Price


Electrical Characteristics:

Good consistency

Wide resistance range: 0.01~200KΩ3

Resistance tolerance as small as ±5%

Small rated power: 0.5W

Wide operating temperature range: -55~+125℃


Production Process:

NTC 5K 100K Thermistor Resistor Price

Application Area :

Temperature compensation for computing devices

Temperature compensation of electronic circuits

Instrument loops, integrated circuits, crystal oscillators temperature compensation

Normal accuracy temperature measurement and control

Certifications :

NTC 5K 100K Thermistor Resistor Price


What are the advantages of thermistors?

Thermistor has the following advantages:

①High sensitivity. The resistance temperature coefficient α of the thermistor is 10-100 times higher than that of metal, so it can be used in a display instrument with lower precision.

②The resistance value is high. Its resistance value is 1-4 orders of magnitude higher than that of platinum thermal resistance.

③Small size and simple structure. It can be made into various shapes according to needs. At present, the smallest thermistor can reach Φ0.2mm, which is often used to measure the temperature.

④The response time is short.

⑤ Low power consumption, no need for reference end compensation, suitable for long-distance measurement and control.

⑥Abundant resources, low price, good chemical stability, the surface of components is encapsulated with ceramic materials such as glass, so it can be used in harsh environments. Effective use of these characteristics can develop a thermometer with high sensitivity, fast response and convenient use.

What are the disadvantages of thermistors?

The disadvantage of the thermistor is that its resistance and temperature relationship is nonlinear. The stability and interchangeability of components are poor. And except for high temperature thermistors, it cannot be used for high temperatures above 350°C

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