Metal Oxide Varistor 10D 220V 471K

Product features:

Small size, large surge current resistance, good ability to absorb transient overvoltage. Wide voltage range from several volts to thousands of volts.


Electrical Characteristics:

Model Size

5mm ~20mm


-40℃~ +85℃(+125℃VDE)/-40℃~ +125℃

Withstand Surge Current


Certification Marks


Temperature Coefficient



Metal Oxide

Operating Temperature


Dielectric Material


Coating, Housing Type

Epoxy Coated


Power supply, consumer electronics, smart homeappliance

Metal Oxide Varistor 10D 220V 471K

Production Process:

Metal Oxide Varistor 10D 220V 471K

Application Area :

Metal Oxide Varistor 10D 220V 471K

Certifications :

Metal Oxide Varistor 10D 220V 471K


JEC factories are ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified. Our X2, Y1, Y2 capacitors and varistors are CQC(China), VDE(Germany), CUL(America/Canada),KC(South Korea), ENEC(EU) and CB (International Electrotechnical Commission) certified.


Q: What is a varistor?

A: Varistor is a resistance device with non-linear volt-ampere characteristics. It is mainly used to clamp voltage when the circuit is subjected to overvoltage and absorb excess current to protect sensitive devices. Because it has the advantages of high surge withstand, large current processing and high volume absorption, fast response time and low leakage current, it is widely used in power systems, surge suppressors, motor protection, automotive electronic systems, household appliances, etc.

Q: What is the role of the varistor in the circuit?

A: The resistor body material of the varistor is a semiconductor, so it is also a kind of semiconductor resistor. Zinc oxide varistor is commonly used in recent years.

The varistor has three main functions: overvoltage protection, lightning resistance and used for safety test.

A varistor is not pressure sensitive, but a voltage sensor. It is a bit like a fuse. If the voltage exceeds its withstand voltage, it will break down and protect the circuit.

The varistor is usually used together with fuse for lightning strike or other overvoltage protection.

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