Varistor 07D471K

Product features:

1. Small size, absorb transient overvoltage, large surge current resistance. The voltage range is wide, range from several volts to thousands of volts for a single varistor.

2. Low limiting voltage (residual voltage), low leakage current, fast response speed (ns level), Front and back symmetrical volt-ampere characteristics, the flow rate of a single varistor can reach 70KA or higher.


Electrical Characteristics:

Technical Data
Model SizeФ5mm ~ Ф20mm
Operating/Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ +85℃(+125℃ VDE)/-40℃ ~ +125℃
Withstanding Surge Current100~6500A
Approved MonogramUL ,VDE ,CSA ,CQC

SeriesMaximun Allowable VoltageVaristor VoltageMaximun Clamping Voltage
AC rms(V)DC(V)Min.Vb(Vdc)Max.Vc(V)lp(A)

Product Structure Chart:

Varistor 07D471K

Production Process:

production process

production line

Advanced Equipment:

101 10KV

Product Packaging Drawing:

101 10KV

Application Area :

1. Overvoltage protection for transistors, IC, Silicon-controlled and semiconductor switching elements and various electronic equipment.

2. Surge absorption and overvoltage protection for household appliances and industrial appliances.

3. Surge absorption of relays and solenoid valves, elimination of electrostatic discharge and noise signals.

4. Lightning protection and overvoltage protection of telephone program-controlled exchange, communication equipment, leakage switch, etc.

Varistor 05D561K

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