Ceramic Capacitor Low ESR 16V 2.2 uf


Electrical Characteristics:

Ceramic dielectric flame retardant epoxy resin encapsulation with high dielectric constant

Passed the safety certification standards of CQC, VDE, ENEC, KTL, IEC-CB, UL, CUL

Product Structure Chart:

Ceramic Capacitor Low ESR 16V 2.2 uf

Production Process:

Ceramic Capacitor Low ESR 16V 2.2 uf

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Applied to the power supply circuit of electronic equipment noise suppression circuit

Can be used as antenna coupling jumper and bypass circuit

Certifications :

Ceramic Capacitor Low ESR 16V 2.2 uf


Why is the equivalent series resistance of ceramic capacitors low?

It is because the ceramic dielectric of the ceramic capacitors.

The size of the equivalent series resistance depends on a number of factors, including the dielectric material used, the frequency of the application, and the quality and reliability of the capacitor. Ceramic dielectric has high dielectric constant, its temperature coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range, and the dielectric loss is low, especially at high frequency.

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