High Capacitance Ceramic Capacitors DC 10-40 KV China


Electrical Characteristics:

Low Dissipation Factor of 0.1% at 1 KHZ

High Frequency ≤100KHZ

High Current ≥10A

High Voltage ≥30KVDC

High Insulation Resistance ≥100000MΩ

Long Service Life ≥10 years

Short Circuit Current ≥100A

Production Process:

High Capacitance Ceramic Capacitors DC 10-40 KV China

Application Area :

High Capacitance Ceramic Capacitors DC 10-40 KV China

High frequency & high voltage power supplies;

CO2 lasers, high voltage pulse generator

X-ray equipment

Industrial fume purification high-voltage power supply

Scanning instrument

Medical power supply

NDT (Non-destructive testing)

Certifications :

High Capacitance Ceramic Capacitors DC 10-40 KV China


What are the advantages of high voltage ceramic capacitors compared to film capacitors?

First, the size of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is smaller. Take a product of the same voltage level as an example. If you want to make a high-voltage capacitor with a capacitance of 1NF and a working voltage of 10KVAC, if you use a high-voltage ceramic capacitor to produce it, there are several options. For example, it is produced with Y5U material, the final product has a diameter of 8.5MM and a thickness of 6.0MM. If it is made of Y5P material with better temperature characteristics, the diameter is 16MM and the thickness is 6.0MM. These two materials can basically be used according to different application environments and can meet the various requirements of power equipment. However, if it is produced by high-voltage film capacitors, the size, thickness and height will be much larger, which cannot meet the actual application requirements.

Second, the voltage levels of high-voltage ceramic capacitors and high-voltage film capacitors are not in the same grade. The voltage of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is up to 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 30KV. The maximum voltage of the film is less than 10KV.

However, if the high-voltage film capacitor needs to achieve a higher voltage than the ceramic capacitor, the product must be made very large.

Third, all-solid-state, dry-type transformers are a direction in the future. Because such products have more reliable safety. Film capacitors cannot achieve this, while ceramic capacitors can.

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