Best Ceramic Capacitor Brand for Audio


Electrical Characteristics:

Ceramic dielectric with high dielectric constant

Flame retardant epoxy encapsulation

Passed CQC, VDE, ENEC, UL, CUL safety certification standards

Certified temperature: -25℃ ~ +125℃, the actual temperature can be -40℃

Certified flame retardant grade: 21/B

Certified voltage: Y2: 125/250/300VAC

Product Structure Chart:

Production Process:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Best Ceramic Capacitor Brand for Audio

Application Area :

Best Ceramic Capacitor Brand for Audio

Suitable for power circuit noise suppression circuit for electronic equipment

Can be used as antenna coupling jumper and bypass circuit

All kinds of small home appliance control panels, power filters, high-frequency AC loads, switching power supplies, electronic ballasts, LED energy-saving lamps

Certifications :

JEC factories are ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified. Our X2, Y1, Y2 capacitors and varistors are CQC (China), VDE (Germany), CUL (America/Canada), KC (South Korea), ENEC (EU) and CB (International Electrotechnical Commission) certified. All of our capacitors are in line with the EU ROHS directives and REACH regulations.


Use and Storage Environment of Ceramic Capacitors

(1) The insulating layer of the Y-safety ceramic capacitor does not have a good sealing effect; therefore, do not store the capacitor in corrosive gas, especially in the presence of chlorine, sulfur, acid, alkali, salt, etc. Avoid moisture.

(2) Capacitors should be stored in a place where the temperature and relative humidity do not exceed -10 to 40°C and 15 to 85%, respectively.

(3) Please use the capacitor within 6 months after delivery.

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