Ceramic Disk Capacitor for DC Motor


Electrical Characteristics:

Capacitor capacitance range from 10PF to 4700PF.

Working Temperature: -40C~125C

Storage Temperature: 15C~35C

Capacitors for suppression of power supply electromagnetic interference with high dielectric constant ceramic dielectric and flame retardant epoxy encapsulation

Product Structure Chart:

Ceramic Disk Capacitor for DC Motor

Product Packaging Drawing:

Ceramic Disk Capacitor for DC Motor

Application Area :

It is suitable for noise suppression circuits in power circuits of electronic equipment, and can also be used as antenna coupling jumpers and bypass circuits. Y-class capacitors

Certifications :

Ceramic Disk Capacitor for DC Motor

JEC factories are ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified. Our X2, Y1, Y2 capacitors and varistors are CQC (China), VDE (Germany), CUL (America/Canada), KC (South Korea), ENEC (EU) and CB (International Electrotechnical Commission) certified. All of our capacitors are in line with the EU ROHS directives and REACH regulations.


What is ceramic capacitor?

Ceramic capacitors are capacitors with ceramic as the dielectric. Its structure is composed of two or more alternating ceramic layers and metal layers, which are connected to the electrodes of the capacitor. The composition of ceramic materials determines the electrical characteristics and application range of ceramic capacitors. Ceramic capacitors can be divided into the following three categories according to stability:

Class 1: High stability and low loss ceramic capacitors for resonant circuit.

Class 2: They have high volumetric efficiency, but poor stability and accuracy, and are suitable for buffering, decoupling, and bypass circuits.

Class 3: They are more volumetrically efficient, but less stable and accurate.

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