Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Disc Price


Electrical Characteristics:

Carefully selected imported chips with high withstand voltage, good stability and low loss

In terms of machines, we use imported fully automatic equipment for strict testing and mass production

We use epoxy resin powder for encapsulation, which is environmentally friendly and anti-corrosion, and has strong moisture resistance at the same time.

Laser inkjet printing and handwriting are clear and unblemished.

Production Process:

Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Disc Price

Application Area :

Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Disc Price

Certifications :

Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Disc Price


Q: How does a capacitor work?

A: The working principle of the capacitor is that the charge will be moved by force in the electric field. When there is a medium between the conductors, the movement of the charge is hindered and the charge is accumulated on the conductor, resulting in the accumulation of the charge.

Q: Why should we worry about ESR in the circuit?

A: The ESR of a capacitor refers to the equivalent series resistance or impedance of the capacitor. An ideal capacitor has no resistance, but in fact any capacitor has resistance, and the resistance value is related to the material and structure of the capacitor. Circuit failures caused by ESR are often difficult to detect, and the effects of ESR are easily overlooked during the design process.

Why should we worry about ESR? ESR may have little effect on a basic DC circuit, but it can affect the actual performance of a switching power supply or RF circuit. In addition, ESR also generates thermal power consumption which wastes electrical energy, and increases the thermal load of the system.

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