Y5V 1500pf Y2 Safety Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

The chip is die-casted with a high-strength press, which has strong impact resistance and effectively prevents the perforation of ceramic capacitors.

Adopting the vacuum sputtering process, the electrodes on both sides are accurately aligned, and the electric field distribution is more uniform

Using bump technology to make chips

Expand the insulation distance, effectively improve the product withstand voltage strength

Using ceramic powder with high dielectric constant

Effectively reduce the diameter of the chip, and miniaturize the product to suit for more products

Flame-retardant epoxy resin encapsulation, with high insulation

High temperature resistance

High flame retardancy, in line with UL94V-0 standard

Using industry-renowned brand leads

High conductivity

Oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, strong weldability, etc.

Product Structure Chart:

1500pf Y2 Safety Capacitor

Production Process:

Application Area :

1500pf Y2 Safety Capacitor

Certifications :


What can be used to replace ceramic capacitors?

Ceramic capacitors are a kind of electronic components. They are isolated muons mainly made of ceramic materials and belong to insulators. Ceramic capacitors, also known as disc ceramic capacitors, are divided into high-voltage ceramic capacitors and low-voltage ceramic capacitors. The advantages of ceramic capacitors mainly include temperature resistance, long-lasting use and low price. It has a wide range of application fields, and is widely used in medium and large electronic equipment and micro and small single-chip microcomputers.

Whether the ceramic capacitor can be replaced by other capacitors, first of all depends on what equipment it is used on, and what the voltage is. If the requirements are not high, ordinary non-polar capacitors with the same capacitance will do. 

If it is a safety ceramic capacitor, do not look for a replacement at will. If it is a Y1 capacitor, there are many certification symbols on the general mark. Only the same type of Y1 and Y2 capacitors can be used. The product is marked with a withstand voltage of 300 or 400V, and the highest test withstand voltage up to 4000VAC, other capacitors can be used to replace a ceramic capacitor as long as the capacitance is similar and the withstand voltage is similar.

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