Ceramic Capacitor 471 30KV

Product features:

Low loss, high capacity stability, linear change in capacitance and temperature, multiple temperature coefficients, multiple temperature levels


Electrical Characteristics:

Technical requirements reference StandardGB/T 2693-2001 ; GB/T 5966-1996
Rated Voltage(UR)50 / 63 / 100 / 250 VDC
Capacitance Range0.5pF to 10000pF,100pF to 10000pF
Withstand Voltage2.5UR(DC)
Capacitance Tolerance±0.25pF(C), ±0.5 Pf(D), ±5%(J),±10%(K ),Y5P±10%(K ) ; Y5U ,Y5V±20%(M) ; Y5V+80/-20%(Z)
Quality Factor (Q)C<30pF:Q≥400+20C ; C≥30pF:Q≥1000
Dissipation Factor (tgδ)tgδ≤2.5%
Insulation Resistance(IR)IR≥10000MΩ
Operating Temperature Range-25℃ to +85℃
Temperature CharacteristicNPO,N750,SL,Y5P,Y5U,Y5V
Flame Retardant Epoxy ResinUL94-V0

Product Structure Chart:

25 3KV

Production Process:

101 10KV

101 10KV

Advanced Equipment:

101 10KV

Product Packaging Drawing:

101 10KV

Application Area :

1. Apply to resonance circuit and temperature compensation effect circuit.

2. Apply to bypass or coupling circuit. Also apply to those vibration frequency circuit with not too high requirement for low frequency loss and capacitance stability performance.

25 3KV


1. Do not store the capacitor in corrosive gas, especially in the presence of chlorine, sulfur, acid, alkali, salt, moisture, etc.

2. The storage temperature and the relative humidity should not be too low or too high.

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