Ceramic Disc Capacitor 0.01 uf 400V


Electrical Characteristics:

Operating temperature up to 125 °C (UL: 85 °C)

Dielectric Strength: AC2600V

VDE ENEC UL CQC certified

Coated with flame-retardant epoxy resin layer (in accordance with UL94 V-0 specification)

Automatic insertion type, cost-effective

Available for RoHS SVHC Halogen Free restricted products

Product Structure Chart:

Ceramic Disc Capacitor 0.01 uf 400V

Production Process:

Ceramic Disc Capacitor 0.01 uf 400V

Application Area :

Ceramic Disc Capacitor 0.01 uf 400V

The most ideal use is to be used as AC line filter, switching power supply and AC adapter primary-secondary coupling X/Y capacitors.

It can also be used for D-A isolation and noise absorption of DAA modules without transformers.


Certifications :

Ceramic Disc Capacitor 0.01 uf 400V


What is the function of safety capacitors?

Safety capacitors are an important part of power technology. Safety capacitors are divided into X capacitors and Y capacitors, and their safety levels allow peak pulse voltage and overvoltage in applications.

Suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply: When using a capacitor to eliminate noise in the power supply cross-line circuit, not only the normal voltage, but also the generation of abnormal pulse voltage (such as lightning) must be considered, which may cause the capacitor to smoke or catch fire.

What are the difference between X capacitors and Y capacitors?

A: X capacitors are connected across the two lines of the power line, that is, between "L-N". X capacitors can suppress differential mode interference. Metallized film capacitors are usually used, and the capacitance is uF.

X capacitors are mostly square, which is similar to the shape of a box, and their surface is generally marked with safety certification marks and withstand voltage.

Although X capacitors are one type of CBB capacitors, but not every CBB capacitor can be used as X capacitors - they must meet safety standards.

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