Button Type Supercapacitor 2.8 V 3000F

Product features:

The large capacitance, low discharge rate, and small package make coin cell super capacitor useful as a non-battery backup power source, providing current (1-100 mA) and protecting the microcomputer from power shutdowns that last for a few secs.


Electrical Characteristics:


Excellent voltage holding property

Suitable for fast charging and discharging

Wide temperature range (-20℃~85℃)

Compliant with RoHS directive

Brand Name


Place of Origin

Shandong Province, China

Supplier Type





-20% - 80%

Rated Voltage

2.7V, 5V, 5.5V, 16V, etc.


Consumer electronics, wind turbine,,smart grid

Button Type Supercapacitor 2.8 V 3000F

Advanced Equipment:

Button Type Supercapacitor 2.8 V 3000F

Application Area :

Button Type Supercapacitor 2.8 V 3000F

Customer Feedback :

Button Type Supercapacitor 2.8 V 3000F


Q: Why is a super capacitor with a large capacity but a small withstand voltage?

A: The capacitance of the capacitor depends on the area of the positive and negative electrode plates of the capacitor and the thickness of the insulating layer of the plates. Capacitors and batteries are essentially different. Capacitors rely on large-area plates to store charges, and the positive and negative plates need to be insulated and isolated. The thickness of the insulating layer directly affects the electric field strength of the positive and negative plates. The thinner the plate insulating layer, the stronger the electric field. The stronger the capacity of the plate to store charge, the more power it can store. But the plate insulation layer is too thin, and it is easy to break down when the voltage rises, so the withstand voltage of the capacitor tend to be small.

How to choose super capacitors and batteries?

A: Specific selection method: Supercapacitors are different from batteries. In some applications, they may be better than batteries. Sometimes combining the two, combining the power characteristics of the capacitor with the high energy storage of the battery, is a better way. 

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