Coin Type Supercapacitor EDLC 5.5V


Electrical Characteristics:


Excellent voltage holding property

Suitable for fast charging and discharging

Wide temperature range (-20℃~85℃)

Compliant with RoHS directive

Brand Name


Place of Origin

Shandong Province, China

Supplier Type



0.1-5000 Farad


-20% - 80%

Rated Voltage

2.7V, 5V, 5.5V, 16V, etc.


Consumer electronics, wind turbine,,smart grid

Coin Type Supercapacitor EDLC 5.5V

Advanced Equipment:

Coin Type Supercapacitor EDLC 5.5V

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Coin Type Supercapacitor EDLC 5.5V

Certifications :

Customer Feedback :


Q: Why is supercapacitor an upgrade of traditional capacitors?

A: Flat capacitors are composed of two metal electrode plates insulated from each other. The capacitance is proportional to the area of the electrode plates and inversely proportional to the size of the gap between the electrode plates. The structure of a supercapacitor is similar to that of a flat capacitor. Its electrodes are porous carbon-based materials. The porous structure of the material allows it to have a surface area of several thousand square meters per gram of weight. The distance between the capacitor and the charge is determined by the size of the ions in the electrolyte. The huge surface area combined with the very small distance between the charges enables the supercapacitors to have a large capacity. The capacity of the supercapacitors can range from 1 farad to several thousand farads.

Q: When the temperature of the super capacitor is too high, will its capacity decrease?

A: The normal working temperature of energy supercapacitors is -25℃-70℃, and the normal working temperature of power supercapacitors is -40℃-60℃. Temperature and voltage have an impact on the life of supercapacitors. Generally speaking, every time the ambient temperature of a supercapacitor increases by 10°C, the lifespan of the supercapacitor will be shortened by half. That is to say, when possible, use supercapacitors at the lowest temperature as much as possible, then the attenuation of the capacitor and the increase of ESR can be reduced. If it is lower than the normal room temperature environment, the voltage can be reduced to offset the negative impact of high temperature on the capacitor. 

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