1000F 3000F Supercapacitor Battery Bank


Electrical Characteristics:

General Characteristic

Rated Voltage (25℃)


Working Temperature Range


Storage Temperature Range (at 0V)


Rated Capacitance (at 25℃)


Capacitance Tolerance


Product Structure

This product is based on the principle of electric double layer capacitors, using activated carbon as the positive and negative electrodes inside, the two electrodes are separated by electrolyte and diaphragm, the aluminum shell is sealed with rubber plugs, and the lead-out electrodes are on the same side of the product.

Advanced Equipment:

1000F 3000F Supercapacitor Battery Bank

Application Area :

1000F 3000F Supercapacitor Battery Bank

Backup Power Supply: RAM, detonators, car recorders, smart meters, vacuum switches, digital cameras, motor drives

Energy Storage: smart three meters, UPS, security equipment, communication equipment, flashlight, water meter, gas meter, car taillights, small household appliances

High-current Work: electrified railways, smart grid control, hybrid vehicles, wireless transmission

High Power Support: wind power generation, locomotive starting, ignition, electric vehicles, etc.

Customer Feedback :

1000F 3000F Supercapacitor Battery Bank


What are the advantages of graphene supercapacitors?

At present, the concept of charging piles is very popular, but it takes five hours to charge at a time. This is the biggest problem restricting lithium battery vehicles. The charging speed of the graphene supercapacitor is surprisingly short. If combined with the charging pile, this efficiency is at least unmatched by lithium batteries. According to CRRC Zhuzhou, according to different capacitance and rated operating voltages, a 3V/12,000 Farad supercapacitor can be fully charged within 30 seconds, and a 2.8V/30,000 Farad supercapacitor can be charged within 1 minute.

Compared with activated carbon supercapacitors, graphene/activated carbon composite electrode supercapacitors have higher energy and longer life. It is said that this technology represents the highest level of supercapacitor technology in the world, and technology research and development continues to be at the forefront of the world.

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