Electric Double Layer Capacitor 500F Supercapacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Low internal resistance and long life

lower RC time constant

Utilize unique technology to achieve wider operating temperature range

Customized special sizes are acceptable

Advanced Equipment:

Electric Double Layer Capacitor 500F Supercapacitor

Application Area :

Electric Double Layer Capacitor 500F Supercapacitor

Consumer electronics power supply, portable power tools, backup power supply for electronic instruments with memory storage function. Intelligent three-meter, or applied to high-current charging and discharging in high-end equipment circuits with reliability requirements. Power-off delay, power compensation, etc.


Q: What are the matters needing attention for super capacitors?

A: (1) Don't disassemble the capacitor

Disassembling the capacitor may create an internal short circuit, resulting in gas production and electrolyte leakage. If the electrolyte comes into contact with the skin or eyes, immediately rinse with water and go to hospital for treatment.

(2) Don't throw the capacitor into fire

Throwing capacitors into fire may cause an explosion, which is very dangerous and is prohibited.

(3) Don’t immerse the capacitor in liquid

Capacitors are not allowed to be immersed in liquids such as water, salt water, beverages such as juice, coffee or other.

(4) Don’t use damaged capacitors

If the outer packaging of the capacitor is found broken before use, and you smell the odor of the electrolyte, or the electrolyte leaks or you find other abnormal conditions, do not continue to use.

Q: Can a super capacitor be used to charge a battery?

A: It is theoretically feasible, and there are still technical problems in making the capacitance of the capacitor particularly large. It is possible in theory, but it is not used in practice because the actual capacitance of the capacitor is usually smaller than its rated capacitance. The best way to charge the battery is constant voltage or constant current charging. Although pulse can shorten the charging time, it is easy to vulcanize the battery and shorten the battery life.

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