Lithium Supercapacitor 10 Farad


Electrical Characteristics:

Compared with supercapacitors, lithium-ion capacitors have an energy density of more than three times, and compared with ordinary batteries, they have a longer cycle life and greater power capacity.

DC life: more than 10 years

Product Packaging Drawing:

Lithium Supercapacitor 10 Farad

Application Area :

Lithium Supercapacitor 10 Farad

Wind power generation, LED street lighting, solar power generation and hybrid electric vehicles, etc.



If it is burned by reverse charging or heated above 100°C due to excessive, air leakage or rupture will occur;

Do not squeeze, break or disassemble;

Please do not throw it away.


What are the disadvantages of supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors generally have the following disadvantages:

1. Electrolyte leakage: If the supercapacitor is installed in an unreasonable position, it is easy to cause electrolyte leakage and other problems, which will damage the structural performance of the capacitor.

2. Cannot be used in AC circuits: Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, supercapacitors have a large internal resistance and are not suitable for operating in AC circuits, so they cannot be used in AC circuits and are limited to DC circuits.

3. Expensive: Since supercapacitors are a new generation of high-tech products, their prices were relatively high when they were first introduced to the market, which increased the cost of equipment operation.

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