Ultra Super Capacitor Hybrid


Electrical Characteristics:

JYH HSU (JEC) hybrid supercapacitors are small, high power energy storage devices ideal for a variety of energy and industrial applications. JEC's supercapacitors use new patented materials. Each supercapacitor has two electrodes, one similar to a battery and one a standard supercapacitor electrode. As a result, its energy density is closer to conventional batteries and up to 10 times higher than standard supercapacitors.

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Application Area :

Ultra Super Capacitor Hybrid

JEC supercapacitors can be used as a stand-alone energy storage device or together with batteries to optimize system cost, lifetime and run time. JEC supercapacitors are optimized for lower temperatures (down to -25°c), while JEC supercapacitors with extended temperature range down to +85°c are optimized for higher temperatures.

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Ultra Super Capacitor Hybrid


Why is the capacitance of supercapacitors so large?

Supercapacitors are structurally very similar to electrolytic capacitors, their main difference being the electrode material. The electrodes of the early supercapacitors were made of carbon. The carbon electrode material has a large surface area, and the capacitance depends on the distance between the surface area and the electrode. The large surface area of the carbon electrode and the small electrode distance make it possible for the supercapacitor capacitance to be very large. Most supercapacitors can be farad level, and the capacitance range can reach 1-5000F under normal circumstances.

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