SMD Electrolytic Capacitor 1000 uf 25 Volt


Electrical Characteristics:

Low ESR, high ripple current

Load life of 2000 hours

RoHS & REACH compliant, Halogen-free

Production Process:

SMD Electrolytic Capacitor 1000 uf 25 Volt

Application Area :

SMD Electrolytic Capacitor 1000 uf 25 Volt

Polar electrolytic capacitors usually play the role of power supply filtering, decoupling, signal coupling, time constant setting, and DC blocking in power supply circuits or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuits. Generally, it cannot be used in AC power supply circuits.


Q: What are the advantages of liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid capacitors?

A: In terms of electrical performance, solid-state capacitors and ordinary electrolytic capacitors have their own advantages. The biggest advantage of the solid-state is that no liquid electrolyte is used, so it is not easy to cause "bloating" and "burst" when heated. So they have long life, good thermal stability, suitable for high frequency working environment; but the liquid electrolytic capacitor is cheap and has large capacitance, high withstand voltage value.

Q: What are the advantages of electrolytic capacitors?

A: (1) The capacitance per unit volume is very large, tens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitance.

(2) The rated capacitance can be very large, and can easily achieve tens of thousands of μf or even a few f (but cannot be compared with the electric double layer capacitance).

(3) The price has an overwhelming advantage over other types, because the constituent materials of electrolytic capacitors are all common industrial materials, such as aluminum and so on. The equipment for manufacturing electrolytic capacitors are also common industrial equipment, which can be mass-produced with relatively low cost.

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