Axial Film Capacitor 6.0uF 250V


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polyester film winding, round and flat non-inductive structure

Wrapped with polyester tape, flame retardant epoxy resin potting, CP wire axial lead

Small size, high temperature resistance, wide capacitance range, good self-healing performance

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Axial Film Capacitor 6.0uF 250V

Application Area :

Axial Film Capacitor 6.0uF 250V

It is suitable for DC and pulsating circuits, and is widely used in various electronic and electrical equipment such as radio and television products, post and telecommunications equipment, power supply networks, data processing equipment, measuring instruments, and frequency dividing circuits.

Certifications :

Axial Film Capacitor 6.0uF 250V


Will it work without the capacitors on the motherboard?

No, motherboard cannot work without capacitors. Capacitors are the key to ensuring the quality of the motherboard, and also the focus of measuring the workmanship of the motherboard. The role of capacitors in the motherboard is mainly to ensure the stability of voltage and current (playing the role of filtering). For example, the power consumption of the processor (CPU) is rapidly changing and extremely unstable. It suddenly increases for a while and then suddenly decreases. If the power consumption of the processor is compared to the river water, then the river water is trickling for a while. The flow will turn into a torrential flood after a while, and the function of the capacitor is to ensure the balance by continuously storing and releasing water like a reservoir.

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