CL11 Capacitor for AC Jump Starter


Electrical Characteristics:

Features of CL11 Capacitor

CL11 Capacitor for AC Jump Starter

Small in size, among polyester film capacitors, it belongs to a relatively small class of capacitors, with light weight; good stability and high reliability; leads are directly welded to electrodes, with low loss; inductive structure, polyester film, epoxy encapsulation.


The accuracy, loss angle, insulation resistance, temperature characteristics, reliability and adaptability of film capacitors are better than electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors

Advanced Equipment:

CL11 Capacitor for AC Jump Starter

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Mostly used in DC and low-pulse occasions, such as: low-frequency filtering, DC blocking and bypassing, etc.

Not recommended in: AC, filtering, oscillation and high frequency occasions.

Customer Feedback :

CL11 Capacitor for AC Jump Starter


Are polyester capacitors film capacitors?

Polyester capacitors are also called CL11 capacitors. They belong to polyester film capacitors, so polyester capacitors are also a type of film capacitors. Most film capacitors are non-inductive winding structures, and polyester capacitors are very special. They belong to inductive structures.

CL11 polyester capacitor uses two pieces of metal foil as electrodes, sandwiched in a very thin insulating dielectric, rolled into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical core, and the dielectric is polyester. The advantages of CL11 capacitors are that the price is low and cheap. It is a particularly cheap film capacitor. It also has the advantages of wide capacitance range, small size and light weight. The second is good self-healing, and the exterior is encapsulated with flame-retardant epoxy powder.

Disadvantages of polyester capacitors: slightly less stable, can only be used in medium and low frequency circuits, and cannot be used in high frequency circuits.

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