CL21 Filter Capacitor for AC Unit


Electrical Characteristics:

Polyester Capacitor refers to capacitors using two pieces of metal foil as electrodes, sandwiched in a very thin insulating medium, and then rolled into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical shape.

The dielectric constant of polyester capacitors is high.

They have large capacitance, good stability, and are in small size and suitable for bypass capacitors.

Application Area :

CL21 Filter Capacitor for AC Unit

Certifications :

CL21 Filter Capacitor for AC Unit


Why does the capacitance decrease after the film capacitor durability test?

Ozone is an unstable gas. The capacitance of film capacitors depends on the area of the film metal layer, so the decrease in capacitance is mainly due to the influence of external factors on the metal coating, and the air may be ionized under the action of an electric field. After the air is ionized, ozone is generated, and it decomposes into oxygen by itself at room temperature. The metal coating of the metallized film (the composition is Zn/Al) oxidizes immediately after encountering the oxygen decomposed by ozone. It is a strong oxidant. It can instantly complete the oxidation at low concentration, and generate transparent and non-conductive metal oxides ZnO and Al2O3. The actual performance is that the plate area decreases and the capacitance of the capacitor decreases. Therefore, eliminating or reducing the air between the film layers can slow down the capacitance decay.

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