1uf 250V AC Film Foil Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polypropylene film winding, non-inductive structure

Flame retardant epoxy resin encapsulation, CP wire radial lead out

Low loss, low temperature rise, stable capacitance, excellent insulation performance, and good self-healing properties

Product Structure Chart:

1uf 250V AC Film Foil Capacitor

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

1uf 250V AC Film Foil Capacitor

1uf 250V AC Film Foil Capacitor

Application Area :

It is suitable for AC/DC and low-pulse circuits, and can be widely used in various electronic and electrical equipment such as display equipment, audio equipment, audio-visual equipment, communication equipment, and data transmission processing.

Certifications :

1uf 250V AC Film Foil Capacitor


What are the advantages of cylindrical capacitors?

1. Small size, good heat dissipation

Cylindrical capacitors are capacitors with an integrated cylindrical shell without pressure grooves. Its volume is relatively smaller - only equivalent to one-third of the square box and oval capacitors, and it occupies less space in the capacitor cabinet, which can reduce the contact effect between capacitors and have better heat dissipation.

2. Easy to install

Cylindrical capacitors are lighter in quality and easier to transport and install due to different manufacturing processes and filling materials. In addition, the cylindrical capacitor is an integrated design with only one bolt at the bottom, which can be installed 360 degrees, which is safe and convenient.

3. Better craftsmanship

Cylindrical capacitors are relatively stable in performance. Generally, their internal fillings are soft resin and gas, and oil leakage will not occur in daily operation.

And the cylindrical shell is uniformly stressed. If the internal pressure of the capacitor increases, the shell can also play a certain role in partial pressure, which can reduce the failure rate of fire and explosion to a certain extent.

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