Bulk High Voltage Film Capacitor China


Electrical Characteristics:

Non-induction construction

High moisture-resistance

Self-healing property

Flame retardant type(compliance with UL 94V-0)

Very small loss

Excellent capacitance and DF for frequency and 

High insulation resistance

Product Structure Chart:

Production Process:

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Bulk High Voltage Film Capacitor China

Widely used in consumer electronics, Internet of Things, smart meters, electric toys, UPS, program-controlled switches, car recorders, etc

Certifications :

Bulk High Voltage Film Capacitor China


What is the relationship between voltage and current?

When the resistance remains unchanged, according to R=U/I, the voltage U is proportional to the current I. When the resistance is constant, the higher the voltage, the greater the current, the lower the voltage, the smaller the current, that is, the voltage and current are proportional.

Current is produced by voltage, so there must be voltage to have current. On the contrary, there is voltage but not necessarily current. For example, when a battery is placed on the ground, there is voltage on the positive and negative poles of the battery, but there is no current; another example is when a conductor bar cuts the magnetic field line without a loop, an induced voltage will be generated. But no induced current.

The formula for determining the current is I=U/R, and the current is jointly determined by the voltage and the resistance. The higher the voltage, the higher the current, and the higher the resistance, the lower the current.

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