CL21X 104J 630V

Product features:

1. Metallized polyester film, non-inductive structure, good self-healing.

2. Flame retardant epoxy resin coated, safe and look good.


Electrical characteristics:

Technical requirements reference StandardGB/T 7332 (IEC 60384-2)
Climatic Category55/105/21
Operating Temperature-55℃~105℃(+85℃~+105℃:decreasing factor1.25% per℃ for UR
Rated Voltage63V,100V,250V
Capacitance Range0.001μF~1μF
Capacitance Tolerance±5%(J) 、±10%(K)
Withstand Voltage1.5UR , 5sec
Insulation Resistance(IR)Cn≤0.33μF,IR≥15000MΩ ;Cn>0.33μF,RCn≥5000s at 100V,20℃,1min
Dissipation Factor (tgδ)1% Max , at 1KHz and 20℃

Product structure chart:

Production Process:

Advanced Equipment:

101 10KV

Product packaging drawing:

101 10KV

Application Area :

1. Suitable for bypass, DC blocking, coupling, decoupling, filtering, low pulse and other circuits.

2. Suitable for DC filtering of switching power supply, electronic ballast and frequency converter intermediate circuit.

*Matters Needing Attention:

1. Do not store the capacitor in corrosive gas, especially in the presence of chlorine, sulfur, acid, alkali, salt, moisture, etc.

2. The storage temperature and the relative humidity should not be too low or too high.

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