Metal Polypropylene Film Capacitor Kit


Electrical Characteristics:

Product Brand: JEC/ODM

Product material: metalized polypropylene film

Product features: low loss; low noise; small internal temperature rise; low high-frequency loss; good self-healing performance

Product function: suitable for various DC, pulsating, high-frequency and large current occasions

Customization: can be customized according to customer needs

Product Structure Chart:

Production Process:

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Metal Polypropylene Film Capacitor Kit

Storage Conditon

1) It should be noted that the solderability of the terminals may be deteriorted when exposed in the air for a long preriod

2) It shouldn't be located in particularly high temperature and high humidity environment.Please follow the storage conditions below (stored in the original packaging):

Temperature: 35℃ MAX

Relative humidity: 60% MAX

Storage period: up to 12 months (starting from the manufacturing date marked on the label in package bag)

Application Area :

Metal Polypropylene Film Capacitor Kit

Certifications :

Metal Polypropylene Film Capacitor Kit


What is the function of the bypass capacitor?

The function of the bypass capacitor is to filter out the noise. The bypass capacitor is a capacitor that can bypass and filter out the high-frequency components in the alternating current mixed with high-frequency current and low-frequency current. For the same circuit, the bypass capacitor takes the high-frequency noise in the input signal as the filtering object, while the decoupling capacitor takes the interference of the output signal as the filtering object. It can solve the effect of mutual interference of signals.

What does a DC blocking capacitor do?

The DC blocking capacitor is for the isolation between two circuits. However, it also undertakes the function of transmitting signals. The larger the transmission signal capacitance, the smaller the signal loss, and the large capacitance is conducive to the transmission of low-frequency signals. A capacitor that is used to isolate direct current in a circuit and only allows alternating current to pass through is called a "DC blocking capacitor" in this circuit.

Does the fan capacitor have positive and negative poles?

Fan capacitors do not have positive and negative poles. The fan uses an AC circuit capacitor, that is, a non-polar capacitor, which is not divided into positive and negative poles when connected. This is a special feature of the AC circuit. The direction of the current will change according to time, and the plates will be formed due to charging and discharging. A cyclically changing electric field, as long as the current flows in this electric field, there will be no positive and negative electrodes.

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