Power Supply AC Safety Capacitors


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polypropylene film and aluminum foil hybrid construction, flame retardant housing and epoxy encapsulation.

◎Specially designed for the reverse circuit of color TV.

◎The loss is small and the internal temperature rise is small.

◎Negative capacitance temperature coefficient.

◎Suitable for high pulse and high current circuits.

Product Structure Chart:

Power Supply AC Safety Capacitors

Application Area :

Power Supply AC Safety Capacitors

Certifications :

Power Supply AC Safety Capacitors


What is the withstand voltage of safety capacitors?

Rated voltage: The working voltage is printed on the capacitor shell, also known as the rated voltage

Withstand voltage value refers to the effective value of large DC voltage or large AC voltage that the capacitor can work reliably for a long time within the rated temperature range.

The rated voltage value is marked on the capacitor, and it refers to the DC rated working voltage unless otherwise specified.

The rated voltage of equipment or safety capacitors is the working voltage of normal operation, but the working voltage of normal operation fluctuates on the system, so a concept of high working voltage is proposed. Capacitors or equipment will not be damaged under high working voltage, which is commonly known as the withstand voltage value

It should ensure that the high working voltage applied to both ends of the safety capacitor does not exceed its withstand voltage value, and the breakdown voltage must be higher than the rated high working voltage, (on the capacitor shell it is "rated voltage", not the breakdown voltage) when this value is reached, the capacitor in operation will be broken down and damaged and cannot be used.

It can be seen from the above that the rated working voltage of the safety capacitor is the withstand voltage value, and it is safe for the safety capacitor to work under the withstand voltage value.

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