Polyester Film Capacitor CL21 225J 400V

Product features:

Film capacitors have the characteristics of strong self-healing, high voltage strength, low attenuation, low impedance, strong interference suppression, low high frequency loss, low loss value, low ESR, high IR and other characteristics, suitable for high frequency, DC, AC, coupling, jumper pulse, audio frequency division and other circuits.


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polyester film, non-inductive winding construction

Wide capacitance range, small size and light weight

Good self-healing and long life

Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation, good safety

Product Structure Chart:

Polyester Film Capacitor CL21 225J 400V

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Polyester Film Capacitor CL21 225J 400V

Plastic bag is the minimum packing. The quantity can be 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000PCS.

The label of the RoHS includes the product name, specification, quantity, lot No, manufacture date etc.

Application Area :

Main Purpose

Widely used in high frequency, DC, AC and pulse circuits

Widely used in filtering, low pulse circuits

Certifications :


Q: What is the main application of film capacitors?

A: In the next few years, with the further development of digitalization, informatization, and network construction, and the increased investment in power grid construction, electrified railway construction, energy-saving lighting, hybrid vehicles, etc., as well as the upgrade of consumer electronic products, the market demand for film capacitors will show a trend of rapid growth. With the development of technology level, the replacement cycle of electronics, home appliances, communications and other industries is getting shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component to promote the replacement of the above industries with their good electrical performance and high reliability.

Q: How capacitors eliminate high-frequency noise?

A: For high-frequency bypass capacitors, since the higher the frequency, the lower the impedance, the greater the current flowing through the capacitor for high-frequency noise.

The bypass capacitor is equivalent to a small resistor for high-frequency noise, which consumes the high-frequency noise, thereby reducing the impact of high-frequency noise on the circuit.

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