104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor

Product features:

Film capacitors have the characteristics of strong self-healing, high voltage strength, low attenuation, low impedance, strong interference suppression, low high frequency loss, low loss value, low ESR, high IR and other characteristics, suitable for high frequency, DC, AC, coupling, jumper pulse, audio frequency division and other circuits.


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polypropylene film

High frequency loss is small

Small internal temperature rise

D flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation

Product Structure Chart:

104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor

Production Process:

104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor

Plastic bag is the minimum packing. The quantity can be 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000PCS.

The label of the RoHS includes the product name, specification, quantity, lot No, manufacture date etc.

Application Area :

104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor

Main Purpose

Widely used in high frequency, DC, AC and pulse circuits

Widely used in filtering, low pulse circuits

Certifications :

104K 400V Polyethylene Capacitor


Q: What is the rated voltage of capacitor?

A: The rated voltage of the capacitor refers to the effective value of the highest DC voltage and the highest AC voltage that can be continuously applied when working at the lowest and highest ambient temperature.

The rated voltage of the capacitor is the DC voltage that the two poles can withstand. This voltage value is generally written on the surface of the capacitor, and the prominent sign is the unit "V" with the voltage after the value. There is room for the insulation withstand voltage marked on each capacitor, which is generally 1.5 to 2 times higher than the rated voltage. This is because, in the application of capacitors, not only the withstand voltage of the two poles, but also many comprehensive factors must be considered. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the application, the capacitor must not exceed the rated voltage in the application.

Q: What is the rated capacitance of a capacitor?

A: The rated capacitance, also designated as nominal capacitance, is the predetermined value when producing the capacitor, that is, the capacitance value marked on the surface of the capacitor. There is a certain error between the actual capacitance of the capacitor and the nominal value.

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