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Electrical Characteristics:

High reliability and able to withstand large current

High insulation resistance

long life performance

The temperature characteristics are stable, and the loss tangent decreases with the increase of the operating frequency.

Thin film dielectric, non-polar

Product Structure Chart:

Production Process:

FP Capacitor 223J 2000V Price

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

FP Capacitor 223J 2000V Price

Plastic bag is the minimum packing. The quantity can be 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000PCS.

The label of the RoHS includes the product name, specification, quantity, lot No, manufacture date etc.

Application Area :

FP Capacitor 223J 2000V Price

CBB81 capacitors are suitable for high voltage and pulse circuits of color TV line flyback and reverse travel. Widely used in energy-saving lamps, ballasts, color TVs and electronic complete machines, high-frequency, DC, AC and high-current pulsation circuits of electronic instruments, inverter surge absorption, and IGBT protection circuits.

Certifications :

High Voltage Film Capacitors Manufacturer


Q: What is the main application of film capacitors? 

A: In the next few years, with the further development of digitalization, informatization, and network construction, and the increased investment in power grid construction, electrified railway construction, energy-saving lighting, hybrid vehicles, etc., as well as the upgrade of consumer electronic products, the market demand for film capacitors will show a trend of rapid growth. With the development of technology level, the replacement cycle of electronics, home appliances, communications and other industries is getting shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component to promote the replacement of the above industries with their good electrical performance and high reliability.

Q: How is the CBB81 film capacitor made?

A: CBB81 uses the metallized polypropylene film as dielectric, aluminum foil wound into a non-conductive structure, encapsulated with epoxy resin, with the tinned copper-clad steel wire (CP wire) radially leading out. Its biggest difference from ordinary polypropylene capacitors is that polypropylene and aluminum foil are wound in series, which is why it can withstand high voltage.

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