Custom Self Healing Film Capacitors


Electrical Characteristics:

Non-inductive type, with self-healing properties

Low loss, high insulation

High temperature resistance, small size and large capacitance.

Very low internal temperature rise

Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation.

Product Structure Chart:

Custom Self Healing Film Capacitors

Application Area :

Custom Self Healing Film Capacitors

It is widely used in frequency division circuits of audio systems, and is suitable for AC and DC circuits such as instruments, meters, and household appliances.

Certifications :

Custom Self Healing Film Capacitors


What does self-healing in film capacitors mean?

Self-healing characteristics of metallized film capacitors: When the metallized film capacitor breaks down due to the existence of a bottle point in the dielectric, an arc current will be generated immediately at the breakdown point, and this current density is concentrated at the middle point of the breakdown. Due to the thinness of the metal layer, the heat generated by this current is sufficient to melt and vaporize the metal near the breakdown point. A metal-free area is formed to restore the insulation between the capacitors, so that the capacitors can resume normal operation. The capacitance of the capacitor will decrease slightly after self-healing, but generally it will not affect the normal work.

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