Polypropylene Capacitors for Audio Manufacturer


Electrical Characteristics:


Metallized Polyproplene Film, CBB21(MPP)

Supplier Type

Original manufacturer


Plastic case(UL94V-0),Epoxy resin sealing


0.01uf ~4.7 uf

Capacitance Tolerance


Package Type

Through Hole

Rated Voltage

250V, 400V/450V, 630V, 1000V

Operating Temperature


ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)



LED power supply, electronic ballast


Available; also provide samples



Product Structure Chart:

Polypropylene Capacitors for Audio Manufacturer

Polypropylene Capacitors for Audio Manufacturer

Production Process:

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Polypropylene Capacitors for Audio Manufacturer

Certifications :

Polypropylene Capacitors for Audio Manufacturer

Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) factories are ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified. JEC X2, Y1, Y2 capacitors and varistors have passed these certifications:

CQC (China)

VDE (Germany)

CUL (America/Canada)

KC (South Korea)


CB (International Electrotechnical Commission)


All of our capacitors are in line with the EU ROHS directives and REACH regulations.

Customer Feedback :


Q: What are the applications of film capacitors?

Application in power electronic circuits. Film capacitors are used here, mainly to buffer and clamp the power current, resonant bypass, and suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply.

When the film capacitor is used as a bypass, it mainly plays a role in reducing the impedance of the DC bus and absorbing the ripple current from the load, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the DC bus voltage due to sudden load changes.

Q: What is the difference between film capacitors and ceramic capacitors?

A: 1) The difference of dielectric materials:

The dielectric material of ceramic capacitor is ceramic, and the film capacitor uses metal foil as the electrode, and it is overlapped with plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate from both ends and wound into a cylindrical structure.

2) Different applications: ceramic capacitors have small capacity, good high-frequency characteristics, and the operating temperature can reach hundreds to thousands of degrees, and the unit price is not high. 

Ceramic capacitors are generally used in bypass and filtering applications; film capacitors have higher unit prices, better stability, and outstanding voltage and current withstand capabilities, but their capacity is generally not more than 1mF. They are generally used for step-down and coupling circuits.

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