CL21 103J 250V Film Capacitor


Electrical Characteristics:

Metallized polyester film is used as the dielectric and electrode, and it is sealed with epoxy resin and has excellent electrical properties, good reliability, high temperature resistance, small size, large capacitance and good self-healing performance.

Production Process:

CL21 103J 250V Film Capacitor

Application Area :

CL21 103J 250V Film Capacitor

This product is suitable for AC and DC circuits such as instruments, meters, and household appliances, and is widely used in frequency division circuits of audio systems.


What is a coupling capacitor?

Capacitor coupling refers to the transmission of AC signals from the previous stage to the next stage. Coupling capacitors use the characteristics of capacitors to pass AC and block DC to select the required frequency and cut off the unnecessary frequency. Coupling capacitors are commonly used in AC amplifier circuits, and circuits with DC interference also commonly use coupling capacitors to isolate interference signals.

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