Safety Capacitor 684K 275V 310V

Product features:

Product Features

1. High reliability to prevent active or passive flammability, strong self-healing, high voltage strength, low capacity fading, low impedance and strong interference suppression.

2. The operating temperature can reach more than 110 ° C. We could also provide halogen-free capacitors which meet the RoHS directive 2011/65 / EC.


Electrical Characteristics:

Technical requirements reference StandardGB/T 6343 (IEC 60384-11)
Climate and flame retardant grade40/110/56/B
Operation Temperature Range-40℃~110℃
Rated Voltage310VAC at 50/60Hz
Capacitance Range0.001μF~2.2μF
Capacitance Tolerance±5%(J),±10%(K),±20%(M)
Withstand voltageT-T 1200VDC at 60 sec ; T-C 2110VAC at 60 sec
Insulation ResistanceCn≤0.33μF,IR≥15000MΩ ; Cn>0.33μF, RCn≥5000s at 100V,20℃,1minFor 60sec / 25℃For 60sec / 25℃
Dissipation Factor0.1% Max, at 1KHz and 20℃

Product Structure Chart:

104K 275V 310V

Production Process:

104K 275V 310V

Application Area :

Connected between the power insulator and the conductor (meeting the electromagnetic compatibility standard), and apply to the circuits including high frequency, DC, AC, coupling, jump pulse, etc.

104K 275V 310V

Certifications :

Safety Capacitor 684K 275V 310V

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