Battery Pack Thermistor 10k type 3


Electrical Characteristics:

Encapsulated thermistor can effectively reduce the self-heating of thermistor

High measurement accuracy, good consistency, strong interchangeability, fast response and high sensitivity

Small, lightweight, robust and easy to follow

Large-scale production, cost-effective

Production Process:

Battery Pack Thermistor 10k type 3

Application Area :

Electronic perpetual calendar, thermometer, automotive electronics

Temperature compensation, electronic thermometers, medical electronics

Microwave therapy instrument, temperature instrument, heating equipment electronics

Certifications :


Precautions for the Use of Thermistors:

Be sure to use it within the specified temperature range to avoid material deterioration and characteristic deterioration.

The thermistor is designed on the basis of a transformer for general use (room temperature, humidity, and pressure), so if it is used in the following environments, it will malfunction (or burn out) when its characteristics are worst. Please do not use it in such the environments:

① Corrosive reducing gases (Cl2, HXS, NH3, SOX, NOX, etc.)

② Volatile flammable gas

③ Dusty places

④ The place where the pressure has been reduced or added

⑤ Places that are in direct contact with water or places that are prone to condensation

⑥ Salt water, oil, liquid medicine and organic solution

⑦ Where there is too much vibration.

⑧ Other places similar to ①-⑦.

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