NTC Thermistor MF72 7D-15

Product features:

1. Small size, high power, strong ability to suppress surge current

2. Fast reaction speed, large material constant (B value), small residual resistance

3. Long life, high reliability, full range, wide application range


Electrical Characteristics:

SeriesZero Power Resistance at 25B-value 25/50(K)Operation Temperature Range
R25(Ω)Bmin(K) TL~TU(°C) ()

Product Structure Chart:

NTC Thermistor MF72 7D-15

Production Process:

NTC Thermistor MF72 10D-11

production line

Advanced Equipment:

101 10KV

Product Packaging Drawing:

101 10KV

Application Area :

1. Apply to conversion power supply, switching power supply, UPS power supply, various types of kinescope and display.

2. Apply to electronic energy-saving lamps, ballasts and various heaters, incandescent lamps, other lighting fixtures.

NTC Thermistor MF72 7D-15


1. Do not store the capacitor in corrosive gas, especially in the presence of chlorine, sulfur, acid, alkali, salt, moisture, etc.

2. The storage temperature and the relative humidity should not be too low or too high.

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