NTC Component 3D Printer Thermistor


Electrical Characteristics:

Small size, high power, and strong ability to suppress surge current

The material constant (B value) is large, the residual resistance is small, and its own power consumption is small

High current, long life, high reliability

Easy to install on circuit boards, complete series and wide application range

Production Process:

NTC Component 3D Printer Thermistor

Application Area :

NTC Component 3D Printer Thermistor

With the development of miniaturization and intelligence of electronic products and the application of the Internet of Things, more and more wearable electronic products have entered people's lives, such as smart bracelets, Google glasses, shoes, underwear and other personal devices It is necessary to detect the physiological indicators of the human body, among which the measurement of human body temperature is essential. The most economical and convenient solution for measuring human body temperature is a circuit solution made of a thermistor.

Certifications :

NTC Component 3D Printer Thermistor


Q: What is the working principle of the thermistor?

A: The working principle of a thermistor: when the temperature of the thermistor changes, its resistance will also change, so that the current will also be modified accordingly, so as to increase or decrease the temperature.

Q: What is the role of thermistor?


1)Temperature measurement. As a thermistor sensor for measuring temperature, the general structure is simpler and the price is relatively low;

2)Temperature compensation. The thermistor sensor can compensate the humidity of certain components within a certain temperature range;

3)Overheat protection. When the temperature is greater than the sudden change point, the current in the circuit can change from a few tenths of milliamps to tens of milliamps, so the relay operates to achieve overheating protection;

4)Liquid level measurement.

Q: What are the general applications of thermistors?

A: Thermistors are generally used in household appliances (air conditioners, drying wardrobes, heaters, etc.), aerospace, power industry, communications and other electronic and electrical temperature control related fields.

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