NTC 10Kohm Thermistor Sensor Price


Electrical Characteristics:


Thermal Resistor

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Supplier Type

Original Manufacturer, ODM


Ceramic Composition

Resistance Tolerance


Operating Temperature


Coating, Housing

Epoxy Coated

Conductor Material

Tin-plated Steel Wire


Power Supply, Electronic Ballast,etc

Media Available

Data sheet, Photo

Package Type

Through Hole


Carbon Composition

Production Process:

NTC 10Kohm Thermistor Sensor Price

Application Area :

NTC 10Kohm Thermistor Sensor Price

Certifications :

NTC 10Kohm Thermistor Sensor Price

Customer Feedback :

NTC 10Kohm Thermistor Sensor Price


Q: What role does the thermistor play in the circuit?

A: Thermistors are used to realize temperature control. The functions of thermistor are temperature compensation and temperature control. Thermistor is a temperature measuring component.

Thermistor is a resistor made of a special material, and its resistance value changes with temperature. According to the different coefficient of resistance change, thermistors are divided into two types: positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC), whose resistance value increases with increasing temperature, and negative temperature coefficient thermistor Resistance (NTC), whose resistance value decreases with increasing temperature.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermistors?

A: High sensitivity: the temperature coefficient of the thermistor is more than 10-100 times larger than that of metal, and can detect temperature changes as small as 6-10℃; wide operating temperature range: normal temperature devices are suitable for -55℃~315℃, high temperature devices are suitable for temperature above 315℃ (currently the highest can reach 2000℃), the low-temperature device is suitable for -273℃~-55℃; small in size: it can measure the temperature in the space that other thermometers cannot measure.

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