Epoxy Thermistor Thermoresistor Dryer


Electrical Characteristics:


Thermal Resistor

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Supplier Type

Original Manufacturer, ODM


Ceramic Composition

Resistance Tolerance


Operating Temperature


Coating, Housing

Epoxy Coated

Conductor Material

Tin-plated Steel Wire


Power Supply, Electronic Ballast,etc

Media Available

Data sheet, Photo

Package Type

Through Hole


Carbon Composition

Production Process:

Epoxy Thermistor Thermoresistor Dryer

Application Area :

Epoxy Thermistor Thermoresistor Dryer

Certifications :

Epoxy Thermistor Thermoresistor Dryer

Customer Feedback :

Epoxy Thermistor Thermoresistor Dryer


Q:What are the classifications of thermistors according to the material?

A: 1) Semiconductor Thermistor Material

These materials include single crystal semiconductors, polycrystalline semiconductors, glass semiconductors, organic semiconductors, and metal oxide semiconductors. They all have high resistance temperature coefficient and high resistivity, and the sensors composed of them are very sensitive.

2) Metal Thermistor Material

This material is widely used in thermal resistance temperature measurement, current limiter and automatic constant temperature heating element. Such as platinum resistance thermometer, nickel resistance thermometer, copper resistance thermometer, platinum side temperature sensor, etc., have obvious high precision and stability in various media (including corrosive media).

3) Alloy Thermistor Material

Alloy thermistor material is also called thermistor alloy. The alloy has high resistivity and is sensitive to temperature changes, making it a good material for making temperature sensors.

Q: What are the characteristics of the thermistor?

A: 1) High sensitivity;

2) Wide operating temperature range;

3) Small size;

4) Easy to use;

5) It is easy to process into complex shapes and can be mass-produced; it has good stability and strong overload capacity.

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