100K Negative Temperature Coefficient Resistor


Electrical Characteristics:

Inrush Current Suppression Thermistor

  • Small size, high power, strong ability to suppress surge current

  • Fast response

  • The material constant (B value) is large and the residual resistance is small.

  • Long life and high reliability

  • Complete series, wide application range

Production Process:

Application Area :

100K Negative Temperature Coefficient Resistor

UPS power supply, USB wiring board, power adapter, picture tube, lighting fixture, lighting distribution box, ballast, etc.


Q: What are the main features of the thermistor?

A: The main characteristics of thermistor are:

1) The sensitivity is high, and the temperature coefficient of resistance is 10-100 times larger than that of metal;

2) Wide operating temperature range, room temperature devices are suitable for -55℃~315℃, high temperature devices are suitable for temperatures higher than 315℃ (currently up to 2000℃), low temperature devices are suitable for -273℃~55℃;

3) Small size, able to measure the temperature of voids, cavities and blood vessels in organisms that cannot be measured by other thermometers;

4) Easy to use, resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1~100kΩ;

5) It is easy to process into complex shapes and can be mass-produced;

6) Good stability and strong overload capacity.

Q: What is the role of the thermistor?

A: The function of thermistor is temperature compensation and temperature control. After the current passes through the element, the temperature rises, that is, the temperature of the heating element rises. When the rated temperature is exceeded, the resistance increases, thereby limiting the current increase, so the decrease of the current causes the temperature of the element to decrease, and the decrease of the resistance value increases the circuit current. The element temperature rises and repeats itself, so it can keep the temperature within a specific range.

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